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No loopholes, no expense, just generous revenue sharing paid to you

– Significant increases in revenue and uptime.
– Improve customer usability.
– Auto-calibrated air pressure.
– Clear English and Spanish Instructions.

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From equipment installation to daily maintenance, to operational reports our team oversees everything.

By being diligent in keeping detailed service records for each customer, our customer service representatives work with field technicians to help identify problems before a machine stops working,

Air and Vacuum Machines

Our Services

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Real-time diagnostics constantly monitor the machine for technical problems, as well as the coin in the vault. This collected data is then relayed to our team for analysis and dispatch, streamlining any service need.

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Digital Air Technology

The latest technology in digital calibration measures and auto-calibrates tire air pressure allowing customers to service their vehicles with confidence.

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Payment Flexibility

Air Vacuum World Service offers its customers an array of payment options with coin, credit & debit transactions along with digital payment options via phone.

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How can gas stations make more money?

Gas is lower profit bait for the higher profit impulse purchases. Air Vacuum or Tire Inflations machines will attract car, motorcycle and bicycle owners that can make a purchase in your grocery store.


Cars, motorcycles, and bicycles all need air in their tires. Gas stations that have tire inflation machines will defiantly stand out in search queries.


People search for a complex all in one solution. Gas Station that has Air Vacuum and Tire Inflation services will not only attract people but also will build trust.


Not only gas price can be a decision making push for people who need gas refill. On todays market you need to be more competitive by providing complex solutions.

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