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Air Vacuum World Service has a national network of professional, trained service technicians.

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Modernized Equipment

The most advanced state of the art air and vacuum technology.

Flexible Payment Options

Both coin, card, and digital payment options available.

Customer Support

Customer service representatives available by phone 24/7.

Technician Network

A large network of technicians nationwide and locally.

Modernized Air Vending

Vehicles, motorcycles, or bicycles all need air in their tires. Gas stations that have advanced tire inflation machines will defiantly stand out in search queries.

Tire Pressure

People search for a complex all in one solution. Gas Stations that have Vacuum and Tire Inflation services will not only attract people but also will build trust. Once that tire pressure light comes on, be that reliable gas station with functioning equipment.


Not only gas price can be a decision making a push for people who need a gas refill. In today’s market, you need to be more competitive by providing complex solutions with the right Air and Vacuum equipment for your store.

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Next level customer service

Our unique technology platform has innovative wireless equipment with status reporting capabilities that allow instant communication directly with our customer service team and field technicians.

Every ticket is processed with our customer support team. Our attention to detail and proper communication with a reported ticket makes it easier to troubleshoot and fix the problem faster.

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Our equipment is built of rugged, heavy steel to handle extensive wear and tear and it is highly visible with eye-catching design and graphics to attract use. The systems are coin-operated with secure money vaults encased in cement, or have optional credit and debit card acceptors for ease and accessibility.

Other highly advanced optional features include digital auto-air pressure calibration and a wireless monitoring system that provides daily status reports on cash amounts, service and overall performance.

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