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Contrary to the competition, Air Vacuum World Service has continued to innovate and stay in tune with the current technology. We offer the most advanced tire inflation and vacuum technology available, with flexible payment options, auto air calibration technology, and 24/7 reporting and diagnostics.
Our company solutions reduce downtime and maintain high traffic to your stores to use these working machines. We have a 24/7 customer support team with hundreds of locally-based Air Vacuum World Service experts at your service.

Auto Digital Air Calibration

The most advanced technology in digital air calibration allows customers the ease and confidence of filling their tire to where it is exactly supposed to be. The old ways of using your own tire gauge or using the broken gauge on the machine are gone and the ways of auto-calibrating tire pressure is here.

Flexible Payment Options

Most Air Vacuum equipment at gas stations is basic coin-operated equipment only allowing quarters as payment. This does not make it convenient for the average customer looking to swipe their card and fill their tire quickly. Here at Air Vacuum World Service, we give the customers multiple payment options such as inserting coins, swiping their credit card, or to pay cardless by phone. Customers will come to know and rely on retailers who offer credit cards on their air and vacuum equipment and that’s why our technology is needed at your stores.

24/7 Reporting

Air vacuum world service’s technology guarantees increases in revenues and commission by real-time reporting and detailed monthly reports. 24/7 wireless diagnostics continually monitor for technical problems, relaying data to our service experts when needed to minimize downtime with the machines. These computer boards installed inside of our machines allow us to catch any issues immediately and not wait on a call from a store to let us know our equipment is non-operational. Our nationwide network of technicians allows us to attend to these problems right away. Our technicians are all local and trained to ensure top performance and results.

Heaters For Cold Weather

Our heaters customized to our specific equipment allows our machines to work in extreme cold weather conditions. This technology allows our air compressors and digital air calibration to perform at a high level even when the temperature is below freezing. This sets us apart from our competition in cold-weather regions.

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