Gas Stations

Reimagining The Gas Station Of The Future

If electric vehicles are the future of transportation, can gas stations be re-imagined into centers promoting exercise and healthy eating?

A century ago, the introduction of the automobile into the daily lives of Americans changed, well, everything. The world became smaller: you could get around faster than you ever had before, all thanks to four wheels, an engine, and some gasoline. Naturally, gas stations popped up on the corner of every community—even the smallest towns needed one, and they dotted the roads between those small towns, too.

Fast forward to present day, and more cars are relying on electricity instead of gasoline for energy. In the future, more than 71 million autonomous vehicles of the 260 million currently on the road are expected to be on the road by 2030. So what do you do with all of those perfectly-placed fuel stations in every community? Turn them into fuel for our bodies instead.

Reebok and global architecture and design firm Gensler have unveiled a concept called “Get Pumped”, focusing on the adaptive reuse of gas stations across the country as Fitness Hubs, where people can prioritize their mental and physical wellness, generate energy by exercising and refuel their bodies through food.

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